Backpack Adult Faith Formation 

It is our responsibility, throughout life, to actively pursue growth and development. We are called to consider ourselves with affectionate contemplation, viewing God as our friend and ally. This, by itself, can become a life-changing skill. Wherever we are in our journey to peace, perhaps it is time we advance.

What is Backpack AFF?

Adult Faith Formation by Backpack Productions is a twelve session course that inspires, educates, and encourages participants to consider their relationship with God and advance into it. 

Do you know how to examine your conscience in a healthy and happy way? Are you excited about everything you do that delights God? Do you feel able to communicate with others in a productive manner that protects your boundaries and theirs? (Pssst. If you’ve never been systematically taught your boundaries and how to know when someone is crossing them? You need this course.) Have you examined your beliefs about yourselves, about others and about God? Do you understand why you feel anxious and can you discriminate between anxiety that is appropriate and anxiety that is neurotic? Do you understand how to move your brain from catastrophic thinking to calmer and more constructive thinking?

The Backpack AFF teaches deep relaxation in the service of Contemplative Prayer and also helps individuals to identify any faulty beliefs or formation they have received and replace it with accurate, balanced Catholic teaching.

Our Mission

To offer a balanced, informative and joyful faith experience with critical life skills which increase mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

"The Backpack AFF Training has made such a profound difference in the way I view everything now. I feel I have much needed tools to choose and respond better to events in each day. "


If you have any questions, feel unsure about how you can participate, or would like support from us in taking or spreading this program, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are happy to help you get started in any way we can.