Backpack Online Groups

Are you interested in taking a Backpack course at home but still want to get the benefits of moving through the materials as a group? We are delighted to announce that we are now facilitating online Backpack groups that are run by certified Backpack leaders. 

Backpack Online Group Structure

There are currently two options for online courses, The Backpack Program or Backpack AFF. Groups taking The Backpack Program run over the course of 8 weeks, and Backpack AFF takes place over 12 weeks.

Sessions generally run for 90 minutes. Roughly 2 topics will be covered per class. The instructor teaches the curriculum and facilitates discussions and exercises between participants. You can choose to turn on your video and audio in the group for class discussions, or if you prefer you can simply listen in. Each Lesson will involve exercises which can be completed in your workbook.