Mothers of the Church

What is Mothers of the Church?

Mothers of the Church is an initiative promoting the importance and contribution of women within society and within the Catholic Church. The program introduces a role for women of all backgrounds and vocations, single, married, or within religious life. The Mothers of the Church initiative seeks to equip women with confidence in their ability to offer maternity in the home as well as in their communities and parishes. This course gives participants an opportunity to advance and explore both their personal development and faith.

Our Mission

Year One

Year One was run and filmed over the course of 2018/2019. The course is taught by Kathryn Clarke and Margaret McGahon. It covers key concepts such as Emulating Our Lady's Maternity, Attachment Theory, Communication and Conflict Management, The Impact of our Relationship with God on our Maternal offering, Mind and Mother, The Exterior and Interior Life, Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Boundaries, The Passion and Mind of God. 

Year Two

Year Two expands upon the foundational teachings of Year One and covers such topics as Deliberate Imagining, Radical Spiritual Acceptance, A Deeper Look into Boundaries, Relentless Gratitude, Unwavering Fidelity, Decisive Faith, and Willing Detachment. This course prompts increased self-awareness which prompts greater authenticity to self and others.

Year Two is now available for subscription!

MOC Year One and Year Two are both available online, on hardcopy via USB, in our online groups, and in Group Packs and Parish Programs.