The Backpack Program

The Backpack Program is a human and spiritual development program based off the 26 lesson workbook, The Backpack. Originally developed for teenagers, it has been adapted to be suitable for teens, young adults, adults, and specific populations such as college students or recovering addicts. It has been run and is running in schools, youth groups, parishes, colleges and universities across Ireland, Norway, the UK and the United States.

What is The Backpack Program?

The Backpack Program is a resilience initiative. The contemporary formation provided through this program is described by participants as life-changing. It teaches people to regulate their emotions and calm their minds and bodies, to manage stress, to develop self-awareness, instil boundaries for healthier relationships, and how to pray contemplatively and cultivate their personal relationship with a God who loves them. In this day and age, resilience and peace are more essential than ever, and worryingly lacking in society as a whole. The Backpack seeks to fill this gap and restore people to their strongest, healthiest selves. Read here about the Contemporary Challenges that The Backpack Program can help tackle. 

How Can You Get Involved with The Backpack Program?

Take the program yourself!

First of all, if you haven’t already, benefit from this program yourself!

By taking this course the people around you will naturally benefit. Once you apply the Backpack principles in your own life, your increased listening skills, boundaries, self-awareness and so on will naturally be reflected to others.
You can purchase the pack here or participate in the online program here.

Bring the program to your school or parish

This program is perfect to run in so many capacities! You can run this as a group in a parish, in a school classroom, as a confirmation preparation workshop, with adult groups, and so much more!

Simply take your workbook and approach your local youth worker, parish priest, or school principal. Don't worry, the workbook speaks for itself.

Start your own Backpack Group

Get a crowd of your friends together and go through the program as a group. All you need are some workbooks and either the online course or the USB!

Many people who do the program together this way grow in confidence and go on to run it in wider settings such as schools or parishes, or run it with a group of their kids and their kid's friends, sometimes in community spaces or sometimes simply in their homes.

The Backpack Online

Our online platform means you can take the entire Backpack program from the comfort of your own home. You can also use this system to run a group in a class, in your parish, or simply with a group of friends interested in human development. 

By subscribing to this course you get access to all 26 recorded lessons of The Backpack Program, as well as a downloadable workbook. It has absolutely everything you need to get going!

"It doesn't matter what age you are, the Backpack changes you." 


If you have any questions, feel unsure about how you can participate, or would like support from us in taking or spreading this program, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are happy to help you get started in any way we can.