The Backpack Program

"It doesn't matter what age you are, The Backpack changes you. It has enabled me to identify my feelings and to give clarity to feelings that I was not able to name before. The Backpack helps you to verbalize and understand why you behave the way you do."

Mothers of the Church

"Mothers of the Church is contemporary, balanced and thought-provoking-I love it! Every time I log in to the online course and watch one of the talks, I learn something new. This course has helped me grow in my faith...I feel more relaxed and happy in my relationships."


"Now I know that when I am looking at a person’s flaws or just looking at negative things in my day, that is my clue that I need to cross over into the other area of the brain, the positive area. Now I finally have more control over how I view every event and person in my day. I can purposefully choose to look at what is good."