Purgatorial Graces

Purgatorial Graces

Dear friends,

I recently reviewed some of the comments sent back after the article on Temptation. Struck by their honesty and self-awareness, I noted that we were achieving our goals as an organisation. Next, I began to reflect on those goals and put words on that which we hoped to achieve with the programs of Backpack.

What came to me immediately was that the graces gleaned by taking these journeys are purgatorial graces. We do not always like what we find when we study ourselves with the light of God’s grace and clarity. Self-correction, adjustments, and ‘owning’ our shadows come in wave after wave as we advance. Some might say this sounds like a negative experience and yes, it can be a bit painful at first. Yet, somehow, in this awareness of our responsibility for mistakes we find an odd relief, an inexplicable calm. Why? Because propping up a false set of thoughts and thinking is exhausting. It is also the opposite of creativity. One must be free to be creative.

We must all continue to pursue the interior life, as a first priority!!

Yes, living in the light of God’s truth, even while it compels us to become more and more humble, means freedom. Resting in the Truth of all truth, our condition before God, is no doubt the reason why those gone before us would not come back. Who would relinquish the freedom and peace that comes with acknowledging and loving all the layers of our little self, just as God loves us?

Truly, our journeys into the light and developing knowledge of self via intimacy with God are brave and beneficial. Read the comments in our article on Temptation that gave me such joy and be at peace. While we may think we are a mess, spiritually, psychologically, physically, or emotionally, God can transcend all of that. God is also the Healer of healers. Trust. Confidence. Advance. Life’s days are limited and we must go as far as we can so that we can grow in the ways of life eternal.

Thank you for believing in our way and participating with us in these programs. We love you and together we can grow, helping others along the way.

With respect,

Kathryn Clarke

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Greta on

I see all things that are difficult for me to deal with as purgative – especially when my loving intentions are misunderstood.

Michelle on

Thank you for suffering for us, Kathryn. May God continue to bless us (and strengthen you) in your willingness to serve.

(fellow Malvern retreatant who was so nervous when you said hello that she froze and didn’t respond! ha ha. I was certain you were so normal that I’d not be a fan girl)

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