Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention Guide

Dating and domestic violence (Intimate Parter Violence or IPV) is a widespread social problem, resulting in confusion, loss of self-esteem, physical injuries, or even death. While working in this field, Kathryn Clarke recognised that education and prevention were crucial in bringing the numbers down. When people understand that they are not the reason for their partner’s violence or power and control issues, they are equipped to make better decisions about their futures and their subsequent intimate partners.
Below is a free guide which exposes the early signals and the progression of behaviours and warning signs. Additionally, risk assessments assist individuals and their families in determining the likelihood of serious assault by offenders.
As a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, Mrs. Clarke developed these tools to assist victims, police officers, and others on the front lines. Her work in prevention brought the materials to young people in many arenas. This guide can be downloaded and printed and is also found in the back of the novel, The Breakable Vow, which clearly illustrates one typical story. The further we spread this information, the more we help to prevent suffering for individuals and their families.