Teens and Young Adults

The Backpack Program

What Is The Backpack Program?

The Backpack Program is a human and spiritual development builder. It has been run in schools, parishes, youth groups, and used with addiction recovery, internationally.

The Backpack Program is a resilience initiative. The contemporary formation provided is described by participants as life-changing. The Lessons offer skills in emotional self-regulation, with practical tools for mind and body calming. Young people flourish as they develop increased self-awareness and learn to instil boundaries for healthier relationships. Contemplative prayer cultivates their choice to make their relationship with God both personal and private. A virtue-based approach in contemporary society builds resilience and peace, which are more essential than ever before.

Read more about how The Backpack combats these specific Contemporary Challenges.

How Can I Get Involved?

Take The Program Yourself

First of all, if you haven’t already, why not benefit from this program yourself? You can start online now with instant access to Backpack for Adults that is the perfect place to start. We also offer several online Facilitated Groups for people interested in building a Backpack Community or gaining an understanding of the unique concepts and skills.

Once you apply the Backpack principles in your personal life, the increased listening skills, boundaries, self-awareness, etc., will not only change your experience but the experience people have of you.

Bring The Backpack to Your School or Parish

This program is an ideal fit in many capacities. You can easily set up a group in a Parish, in a School classroom, or as a Confirmation Preparation course or workshop.

We have created ready-to-go packs to insure that facilitating this life-changing experience in any setting is straightforward and easy. Click here for more information on Parish Programs and Group Packs or for our 'coming soon' Facilitator Training and Support Initiative .

Start Your Own Backpack Group

Get a crowd of your friends together and go through the program as a group! All you need is one of our Backpack Packs with all that you need to get started.

Many people who do the program together this way grow in confidence and go on to run it in wider settings such as Schools or Parishes, or run it with a group of their children and their children's friends, sometimes in community spaces but often in their homes. Family wellness increases quickly after even one person takes one of our courses.

The Backpack Online

Our online platform means you can take the entire Backpack program from the comfort of your own home. You can also use this system to run a group in a class, in your parish, or simply with a group of friends interested in human development.

By subscribing to this course you get access to all 26 recorded lessons of The Backpack Program, as well as a downloadable workbook. All other Backpack courses are also available on this platform. It has absolutely everything you need to get going!

"It doesn't matter what age you are, the Backpack changes you."

What Teachers Have To Say

This program has been run in schools across the United States, Ireland, the UK, and Europe. The feedback from teachers and students alike is always overwhelmingly positive.

If you are hoping to approach your local school or principal with the program, and would like a personal introduction pack to show, please reach out to us at contact@thebackpack.life so that we can get you ready to go!