Spring 2022 Online Group Schedule

All of our online courses are facilitated via Zoom. Included in your enrollment is access to recordings of the sessions or video material used, so that you can stay up to date even if the times don't always suit you.

Backpack for Adults

The Backpack for Adults is suitable for any adult who would like to develop their relationship with themselves, with others, or with God. Combining psychology and spirituality, the Backpack gives people the skills to take care of their bodies, minds, and souls.

Instructor: Annie Clarke

Duration: 11 Weeks

Dates: Tuesday, January 18th to Tuesday, March 29th

Time: 6pm GMT, 90 minute sessions

Backpack Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation by Backpack Productions is a twelve session course that inspires, educates, and encourages participants to consider their relationship with God and advance into it.The Backpack AFF teaches deep relaxation in the service of Contemplative Prayer and helps individuals to identify any faulty beliefs or formation they have received and replace it with accurate, balanced Catholic teaching.

Instructor: Fr. Darragh Connolly

Duration: 12 weeks

Dates: Monday, January 24th to Monday April 11th

Time: 7pm GMT, 90 minute sessions

Backpack Facilitator's Group

The Backpack Facilitator Course is for anybody with an interest in learning how to present The Backpack to others. Covers a range of topics from teaching methods and skills, to the practicalities of starting a group in different contexts, to implementing group interaction and games. This course also serves as a network for anyone who wants to stay plugged in to the Backpack community! Open to anybody who has taken one of the Backpack programs, or has some familiarity with the curriculum.

Instructor: Annie Clarke

Duration: 12 weeks

Dates: Wednesday, January 19th- Wednesday, April 6th

Time: 6pm GMT, 90 minute sessions