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What is human and spiritual development?

Human and spiritual development refers to a holistic approach to formation. The Backpack teaches health and wellness skills by weaving psychology, spirituality, and sociology into one curriculum which considers the whole person from every aspect of wellbeing.

What program should I start with?

The Backpack Program provides a solid foundation in human development and spiritual formation, and as such may be an ideal entry point for those who do not practice any faith or formal religion. Each program is stand-alone so you can really start with whichever one appeals to you most! If you are a woman and/or a mother you may wish to begin with Mothers of the Church. For teenagers we recommend the Backpack. For Adults, the Adult Backpack Program is the logical start point but the AFF should probably be in your future, too.

Can I take these programs on my own or is it better in a group?

Many people find the communal element of doing the Backpack in a group highly beneficial and conducive to a fun and engaging learning environment. Being able to discuss the concepts and bounce questions around can help participants to get the most out of the curriculum. We have great online facilitated group options, so its easy to join up with other people!

However, taking the program on your own is still highly beneficial and some people prefer to do it as a private experience. Certainly, the abrupt change in thinking benefits everyone almost immediately as they make their way through the curriculum.

I'm not too good at the computer, can I still take an online course?

Yes! We have aimed to make Backpack Productions programs as accessible and user-friendly as possible. If you have any questions or struggles, please contact us right away because we want to help you succeed.

What do I need to run a Backpack group?

Everything you need to run a Backpack group can be found in our group packs. They include video and audio material, leader's guides, workbooks, and more.

What is the best way to recommend Backpack productions to people/introduce it?

We're currently working on a packet that you can approach people with. Many people are interested in approaching their parish, and we want to support you! Sign up for our email newsletters to keep up to date.

I'm not sure I want to take the course yet, is there something smaller I can start with?

Of course, why not sign up for our e-newsletters and get Lesson 1 of The Backpack Program for young people for free! That way you can dip in and see how you like it.

We also recommend The Map as an easy starting point for people, its a short and easy read, available in hard copy and e-book! We hope to have the Adult Backpack online and ready for purchase before Christmas.

I'm not Catholic, are these programs still for me?

Definitely. We are Catholic, but you may or may not be. Either way, you will love the deep relaxation techniques, the self-awareness information, and learning how to affectionately contemplate yourself and others.

Everybody needs to examine their thinking patterns and make sure they are enhancing their personal well-being.

What is the difference between between The Backpack Program and Backpack AFF?

The ideal is that people will get both courses. If someone is beginning and would like more human formation against a spiritual backdrop, then The Backpack Program might be the best, first choice. If someone is more interested in adult spiritual practice against a backdrop of good, authentic mental wellbeing, with an increase in self-awareness, then the Adult Faith Formation might be the best, first choice. People who take either program report an immediate increase in self-awareness, self-esteem and spiritual wellbeing. If this course is being purchased for a non-practicing family member, The Backpack Program is the go-to. If this program is being purchased for a person mostly interested in religious and spiritual concepts, then the Adult Faith Formation might be the best, first choice. Included in both programs is a strategy for progressive muscle relaxation and contemplative prayer.

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