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Who Are We?

Backpack Productions is a company established to increase mental, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing for people of all ages.

What We Offer

Our Courses

We offer six courses, including The Backpack Program for Teens, Backpack for Adults, Mothers of the Church (1 and 2), Backpack Adult Faith Formation, and Contemplative Prayer.

Courses are available online (instant access) or via USB as a hardcopy option for family, school, or Parish Programs.

Online Groups

Take one of our programs in an online group setting and experience the benefit of a Backpack community! Our current course schedule can be found here. You choose, always, screen off or on.

We would love to have you join us!

Ready-To-Go Programs

We offer ready-to-go programs for easy implementation in your home group, school, parish, and so on. We've done all the work. Everything you need to get started with your group is in one place. View our Parish Programs and Group Packs with special rates available.