The primary focus of Backpack Productions is the optimal development of Catholic lay people. Our cutting edge programs feature a healthy blend of psychology, spirituality, and basic Catholic Catechism.

"To get out in front of mental health challenges is to preserve the thinking faculty for prayer."

- Kathryn Clarke

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Servant Leadership

By Kathryn Clarke on Oct 01, 2022

At Backpack, we are committed to developing programs that give good tools which can result in better outcomes in the lives of others. We need servant leaders, people who are willing to begin their own transformations and then offer the good thing to others. In this time of constant media interference in our thoughts and thinking patterns, people must be offered the opportunity to think their own thoughts and find their own best patterns of thinking.

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5 Reasons to Use The Backpack Program in Your School This Fall!

By Annie Clarke on Aug 03, 2022

Are you a teacher, principal, or homeschooling parent? You are most likely gearing up for the Back-to-School season. Now is the time to order The Backpack Program for your September start!  Why should I use The Backpack Program for my school or homeschool classroom?  1. Your students will hugely benefit! This one is straightforward and the main reason to run this course. Through this program your students will be exposed to crucial concepts such as self-awareness and choice, anxiety and stress management, healthy relationships, help-seeking behaviour, interrupting ruminating and unhealthy thought patterns, etc. This program prompts students to develop their own identity and hold onto it in what can be an increasingly busy and confusing world. 

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Emily's Experience as a 19-Year Old Taking The Backpack Program

By Annie Clarke on Jun 17, 2022

I first experienced the Backpack for Young Adults in 2018 in Ireland. I was 19. When I first learned the material, my mind was blown. My initial impressions were I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of such important life skills and Everyone needs this program. The Backpack combines psychology and spirituality in a simple and transformative way. I was able to learn about how my brain works and that people have the ability to rewire their brains and change their thought patterns. I loved deepening my relationship with God through Contemplative Prayer and learning to effectively calm my mind and body.

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An Interview With Backpack Facilitator Meg Maas

By Annie Clarke on May 27, 2022

I think what really set these particular courses apart from others was the human formation part of it, where we were really being asked to delve into the “why” of what we do, to grow in self-awareness, to look at our lives as part of a complete whole, and say okay, this is who I am right now, what got me here? And how can I be the better person that I want to be, what are those habits that I do now that maybe aren’t as helpful? How can I start to move away from them, but also, why am I doing it?

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Six Reasons You Should Take The Backpack Facilitator Course!

By Annie Clarke on May 17, 2022

There has never been a better time to give yourself and your community the gift of these skills and this knowledge. If you're looking for a way to improve your little corner of the world, this just might be an answer. We can't wait to see you there!

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Rising From Our Wounded Innocence

By Kathryn Clarke on May 02, 2022

Every person is both broken and intact. We have all perhaps noticed that sometimes the more broken a person is, the more intact they claim to be. This may be a sophisticated defence mechanism used to conceal their awareness that not everything is someone else’s fault. Who can deal with their own darker side or their wounded innocence?

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