What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Us 

Don't take it from us, here from past participants and course coordinators about how they feel about Backpack Productions and its programs!

Kevin Rilott, the Religious Education Director at X highschool shares his thoughts on The Backpack Program.

"Why would I recommend The Backpack to someone in my family or one of my friends? 

Because it is special. It is a special opportunity to study many aspects of human and spiritual
development. It is, as it says in the manifesto, a programme that allows us to develop
'Essentials Tools for Life'.

These tools are encompassed in 3 major sections of the program. These are: my relationship
with myself, my relationships with others, and finally my relationship with God. I am
recommending this program to my family and friends because it allows me to practice so
many invaluable skills. It gives me an understanding of myself through education about
human development, well-being in all aspects of life, neuroscience, emotional regulation and
resilience, self-awareness. It gives me an opportunity to practice how to live and thrive in
relation to others, by looking at our imperfections, our gifts, our conscience. It teaches me
what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like. In Part 3, we get to examine our Christian
Faith, in a way that is balanced, astute, and celebrates a real, living faith that we all strive

On reflection, it would seem that we all are in need of this program. It is delivered by a team
of highly dedicated and motivated staff of the highest professionalism and tact. And, to boot
it is fun! Having done it myself, I can attest to the fact that people do this from all ages from
12 upwards to any age. Why do I recommend The Backpack? Because its contents and
teachings are the future. Education needs this. Teachers need this. Parishes and communities
need this. Individuals too."

(James, 32, Psychotherapist & Educator)

Veronica took The Backpack Program as a young teenager, and benefitted so much she came back as a Junior Leader, assisting other groups in running the program.

"At the beginning of the program, Mrs.Clarke encouraged us to pay attention to something that might jump out at us while we took the AFF online course. This happened to me in a profound way.

Throughout my life, I noticed that on some days I could only see a person’s flaws or I would only look at everything that was negative. Other days I could only see a person’s good qualities or look at everything that was positive or good in my life and not even notice any flaws. I wondered why everything seemed positive on some days and negative on other days? I wondered if they were just negative days and I had to endure them or if I doing something wrong on those days. I could never really figure it out. 
Then while watching the training, I realized that I finally found my answer. This is what jumped out at me. I was functioning from the primitive area of the brain on the negative days. Some event or situation or even a dream could have triggered a loop of thinking that landed me in that area of the brain. On the happy, positive days I was functioning from the higher brain, more spiritually. I was doing all of this subconsciously. 
Now I know that when I am looking at a person’s flaws or just looking at negative things in my day, that is my clue that I need to ‘cross the bridge’ over into the other area of the brain, the positive area. Now I finally have more control over how I view every event and person in my day. I can purposefully choose to look at what is good, regardless of any and all external circumstances. This is the reason the cup is half full or half empty. It’s half empty in the primitive brain and half full in the higher brain. It is so good to know that we have the power inside us to change our perspective in every moment. This is how we give God our best!
The AFF Training has made such a profound difference in the way I view everything. I feel I have much needed tools to choose and respond better to events in each day."

(Marie, 58, Reading Specialist) 

Student Testimonials

We've put together some testimonials from young adults who took The Backpack Program in various schools across Europe and the United States. 

The lesson about God and myself helped me understand more and think that God is not there to be mean. He is there for you. We were shown how God adores us.”

The 'Learning to Walk' lesson made you think that you shouldn’t judge someone when it’s their first time doing something or when you’re doing something for the first time and it didn’t go well. You shouldn’t automatically think ‘I’m so bad’”

My favourite lesson was I am Imperfect because it helps us stop comparing ourselves to others.

Meditation helped me to relax and think about life.

Many of the aspects of the curriculum are things young people are going through

Lesson sixteen (Bullying) was my favourite because it helped me help my sisters and other people dealing with it.

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