Are You A Mystical Being?

Are You A Mystical Being?

Are you a mystical being?

We know that we are physical beings. We know that we are relational and psychological beings. But how connected are we to the reality that we are mystical beings?

What do we mean by mystical being? Our mystical being is the part of us that connects to wonder and awe. Our mystical being accepts the presence of mystery, does not need everything explicitly explained, and understands that there are true realities connected to both what we can see and what we cannot see.

What is an example of something we cannot see? How about the unmistakable presence of a loved one who has passed away and gone before us into the next life? We cannot see them but in a moment, perhaps for only the briefest moment, we know they are with us and that their love for us goes on.

How about an inexplicable feeling of being loved forcefully and unconditionally, perhaps in a moment of prayer? This experience leaves us encouraged and strengthened, and also clear that we are separate from others in a way that does not disconnect us, but shows us our irreplaceable, unique dignity, separate from all others.

How about feeling like we were warned about something in a manner we could not understand but also knew for certain was real? These can be feelings, prompts, possibly with words connected or without language, but the result is that we make a quick decision to do something or refrain from doing something. Later, we marvel that we were prompted in such a protective manner.

These are just a few examples of mystical connection we can experience. In this time of instant communication and constant intake of information that is mostly irrelevant to us, has our sense of the mysticism and the skills that go with it become dulled? Has the arrogance of the time caused cynicism which discounts the truth about how connected we are to that which we cannot see with our physical senses?

In the Adult Faith Formation course, we feature an introduction to Contemplative Prayer. This training helps all of us to discern what is true connection to the divine and separate out what comes from our own spiritual impulses. There surely is not a better time to cast off external noise and delve into the connection to God which is available to all of us.

Our Catholic ethos insures that we follow in the example of those who have gone before us for centuries in our search for connection.

Would you like to sharpen your mystical senses? Join us for the Adult Faith Formation course this Spring!

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Susan Pilley on

As I read about being a Mystical Being it brought to mind an excellent song: Everything is Holy Now by Peter Mayer. I would recommend everyone Google it and have a listen!

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