The 'Best' Life For Us

The 'Best' Life For Us

We all believe there is a ‘best’ life for us. Whether it’s a financial goal, an educational aspiration, or a desire for a healthy intimate relationship, we all have those elements which we believe will complete our ‘best’ life. Thoughtful living and healthy thinking patterns will, without a doubt, aim us in the direction of that ‘best’ life and keep us moving toward it at a steady pace.
In the same way, life without time for independent thought, along with unexamined negative thinking patterns easily triggered will lead us away from that ‘best’ life. It is easy to blame others for the misery we clutch so tightly to ourselves and insist upon as our right.
Do we want to be happy? Do we want to be with others who are happy? If yes, then we must take responsibility for choosing happiness and becoming convinced that what we do counts, and the thoughts we choose matter, regardless of any and all circumstances around us.
What happens when we take ourselves seriously, along with our instincts for our own, individual life? We like ourselves more. We give ourselves a bit of respect and care. We are less easily led into false belief pools and crucially, we disallow external influences too much access to our life force, our energy. We resist gangs of easy thinking that end in ‘us vs them’ conclusions.  In short, we grow in maturity and begin to focus, whatever our age.
And then what happens?
We accept the limitation of our time on Earth. We know that one day we will be finished. Between today and that day, what do we want? What do we hope? What must we do? Who needs our help? It is easy to judge and far more difficult to take responsibility for getting ourselves in shape to assist those around us in ways that lift them up. We also experience an acute desire to stop hurting, using, or condemning others. When we land on the truth square in the game of life, we realise that we are important to the happiness of at least a few other people and that we have the capacity to damage at least a few other people. And, painful as this is, we acknowledge that we have hurt others, possibly even without intent.
"Love is a one-way street.  It always moves away from self in the direction of the other.  Love is the ultimate gift of ourselves to others.  When we stop giving we stop loving, when we stop loving we stop growing, and unless we grow we will never attain personal fulfilment…”  (Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Where there is Love, there is God, p. 26).
Backpack friends, we have created programs that will help you identify where you are hurting yourself and others because of negative thinking patterns that give birth to hurtful words and actions. Are you repeating patterns that do not work for you? Do you want to be a spiritually peaceful person but find it difficult? Are you ready to  authentically dig in and grow? Humanly and spiritually? We can help. Join us for Backpack for Adults, an online course that simplifies core spiritual and neuroplastic development.

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